This is Why We Practice

I have great respect and gratitude for the teachers who speak about the longevity of the yoga practice and how it's an ongoing journey; one that changes from day to day, every time we step on our mat.

For me, it's a metaphor for my life.

Everything changes and life rarely unfolds as we expect it to. The physical practice of yoga teaches us to live in this moment and then the next, practicing mindfulness in each instant so we're fully present in our lives. Only in this way will we be able to adapt to unforeseeable changes that might otherwise knock us for a loop. Life will inevitably knock us on our ass, but the practice allows us to, perhaps, recover move quickly, or find solace in the consistency of the postures.

 We learn to focus on "starting-where-you-are" which makes it easier for beginners to start a yoga practice, regardless of their current physical shape. Each time we return to the mat, we pay attention to "where we are now" and then strive to make improvements from that place.  This shift in perspective allows us to focus on creating positive changes, which will eventually unite us with the best version of ourselves. This is the intention of yoga, to empower each one of us. Regular, consistent asana practice helps us to create focus and a clearer connection between breath, physical body, & emotions. Ultimately, we aim to take these new habits off the mat and into the world.


Photo credit: Danielle LaPorte