Thoughts On Yoga Part 2


I've been thinking a lot about that concept recently. How we connect with ourselves (mind, body & spirit), how we are connected within the dimensions of our physical, mental, and emotional bodies, and how we connect with others in relationship. Lots of heady stuff to consider!

Start with the breath. Inhale & exhale. Close your eyes & turn inward. Sense the rise & fall of your belly as you breathe in and release. In Sanskrit, his life force energy known as Prana. Prana is present in every living thing; it is the thread that connects us all. It is life in its most fundamental form.

Come back to the breath when you lose your way. Come back to the breath when you're angry, frustrated, fearful. Close your eyes & turn inward. Return to your starting place, your home, your refuge. Return to your breath. Find the connection there and build from that.

Isn't it remarkable how we can tap into that connection with something bigger than ourselves at certain times & in certain places? I find that connection in nature: listening to the lull of the waves at the ocean, watching the sun rise or set, in the presence of the moon, and especially, away from the city, when the sky is vast and filled with stars. I feel so small and so connected to everything at the same time. I experience a similar feeling on my yoga mat when I'm fully present and connected to each moment as it occurs. It's almost as if I'm living within my breath.

The photo attached to this post is from a hiking trip to Sedona several years ago. My yoga BFF and I (check her out at decided to take advantage of the moment to practice a few asana postures outside in the hot Arizona sun. It's one of my favorite memories from the trip! Connecting so many of my passions with one of my best friends in that magical place. I look forward to more opportunities to visit Sedona, to remember to fully embrace life, and to practice gratitude for the connections available at any given moment.