The Cocoon Chronicles - Chapter 4

Clear that shit OUT!

Several years ago, I started an organizing business. I called it Edited Space.

The idea was to help my clients create space in their homes, offices, & lives by eliminating the “stuff” that they no longer needed, wanted or that no longer served them. While working with clients I saw everything you can imagine: old clothes that no longer fit or were out of style; baby clothes from their children who were in high school; bills & pay stubs from the previous decade.

WHY, you might ask, would someone hang onto stuff that they no longer used or wanted?

Lots of reasons....but usually, there was an element of fear involved.

Many could be traced back to limiting beliefs that they may not have realized they had.

It was MY job to witness their fear and encourage them to release the grip on the item. Sometimes they “needed” permission to let go.

One client had so much stuff that we backed up the incinerator with all the stuff we cleared out of her storage locker! (true story!)

SO....I realized tonight that there is a connection between THAT work and the mindset work that I love so much.

Both involve:

  • m a k i n g   s p a c e
  • l e t t i n g  g o
  • changing your mindset
  • creating a new “truth”

Think about it....when you create physical space, there’s more ROOM to bring in what you want, what serves you, what makes you happy! ( I can get behind that, can’t you??)

So, when you create MENTAL space by shifting out of limiting, negative beliefs and instead, adding in a NEW that is positive, one that makes you FEEL good (or hopeful, abundant, limitless, happy).....doesn’t that sound much more appealing??

I think so!

Will this happen overnight?


*It takes practice.

*It takes consistency.

*It takes awareness and getting into the habit of observing your thoughts, moment to moment.

*It takes the WILLINGNESS  & desire to choose another thought every.single.time you revert back to your old behaviors.

*It takes patience.

*It takes being gentle on yourself.

It takes WORK! can do it!

I’m here to help.

I believe in you.

I love you.