The Cocoon Chronicles - Chapter 5

Total solar eclipse 2017

I am feeeeeeling the energy of yesterday’s eclipse!

I woke up feeling energized (sleepy, bc it was 5 am and I was teaching at 7, but energized, nonetheless--lol)

I had 2 of my regular guys in class this morning... I felt grounded, connected, and aligned.

I was almost giddy as I made my way home to get ready for my day gig.

Today was gonna be a GREAT day!

I even found a fawn & white colored feather on the way to the store.

Some familiar faces at Starbucks, hugs & kisses all around....

Today was gonna be a GREAT day!

And then....

Like the squeal of tires on the pavement as the car swerves to avoid a great day came to a screeching halt as soon as I arrived at my job.  

*Suffice it to say, it was not an energetic match to the way my day began.

*Suffice it to say, there was a ravenous energy vampire waiting to drain me.

*Suffice it to say, I did not protect myself or my energy well enough to prepare for what awaited me and so I let myself be baited & drawn into the drama.

*Suffice it to say, I shouldn’t have been surprised by the drama, but I realized that this is not how I want to spend my precious life.

So, what does this have to do with the eclipse (you might ask)?


The eclipse symbolizes change, transformation, letting go of the things, people, and beliefs that no longer serve us. This particular eclipse, in the sign of Leo, falls between two new moons within the calendar month of August.

Incredibly powerful, potentially life changing, filled with the passion & strength of the Lion.

Radical transformation, risk taking & creativity are just some of the possibilities of what may unfold.

The imagery of the light of the Sun being temporarily extinguished by the dark of the Moon is potent, because it symbolizes a kind of rebirth, as the light slowly re-emerges and we are able to “see” more clearly.

As the Sun is shielded by the Moon, we can reflect on the aspects of our truest Self, often acknowledged in private, if at all. The parts of our personality that we may not share with the world or even ourselves.

As the Sun reappears, that hidden part of ourselves is exposed, inviting us to “show up” authentically, standing in our Truth. The eclipse symbolizes a call to action, of sorts, for us to remove the “masks” that may have kept us feeling safe, but, in reality, simply kept us small.

*Now is the time to step into the light.

*To show up for our lives, in all its messy imperfection.

*To be true to ourselves and to speak our truth.

  • To stop settling for a life that is not fulfilling us.
  • To stop settling for auto pilot, for crumbs, for “just good enough.”
  • To dream big...and multiply that by even more.
  • To say “Fuck yeah!” to life.
  • To this...or something even better.