The Cocoon Chronicles - Chapter 3

You’re exactly where you’re meant to be... you love your life?

*Do you wake up, totally STOKED to start your day?

*Or do you drag ass getting out of bed?

*Does the work you do LIGHT you the F up?

*Or do you feel like you’re watching paint dry, as your brain cells atrophy with each passing second?

*Do the people you surround yourself with inspire you to dream BIG, try new things, continue to grow?

*Or they riding the misery train along with you?

Here’s a reality check....not everyone is happy all the time (duh!)...and life can be hard!

But here are a few things I’ve learned (several times....I need to be reminded, ya know?)

*if you continue to do what you always did, your life will stay the same

*sounds great in theory if your life is da bomb...but, even then, living the perfect life will get boring ( I’m guessing.....).!!!

*change is inevitable and the more comfortable you get with it, the better you’ll be

*change doesn’t have to be BAD....reframe it! Change can be super EXCITING!!!! Remember how excited you were to start a new school year? (maybe shopping for school supplies should be a pre-req for life....that was always my favorite part anyway, right?)

*There is ALWAYS something to be grateful for.....ALWAYS! Sometimes you have to be a little creative, but how fun is that?

*So, if you’re dreading getting out of bed every day, incorporate a morning routine ....meditation, journaling, gratitude lists....I’ve got a BUNCH of ideas if you need help. Getting your MIND right, will shift how you perceive your day....I promise! May not happen right away, but, over will be AMAZED!

*you are the company you keep

*energy can be contagious (remember that old saying, “Misery loves company?”....there’s that)

*you can’t save anyone but yourself


*you are the company you keep

*energy can be contagious (you’d be AMAZED how contagious positive energy can be!)

*support & encouragement in a group of like minded people can lead to miraculous changes

You have everything you need.

You are exactly where you need to be.

You can shift your mindset and your whole world can