The Cocoon Chronicles - Chapter 7

The past is gone....thank you & goodbye.

When a caterpillar enters the cocoon, it undergoes a transformation. What it once was can no longer remain if it is to become what it is to become.

The process of transformation includes destruction, as well as rebirth.

The caterpillar endures the process of transformation--sometimes painful, often uncomfortable--shedding the form, emerging and growing into what it was destined to become.

Staying in the safety of the cocoon until there is nothing left to do, no more room to grow, expanding until the walls of the cocoon crack open and the wings of the butterfly spread, tentatively, testing the new space that has become available.

Instinctively knowing that this what needed to happen.

Moving past the familiarity and comfort of the silken womb.

There’s no going back.

There’s nothing to go back to....the past no longer exists.

There is only what awaits ahead.

Shake off the remains of the past, sweet’s time to soar.