The Cocoon Chronicles - Chapter 9

So, it’s been storming all day...lots of electric energy, thunder, lightning, and tons & tons of rain.

Sh*t is getting shaken up!

And so it is with me.

I am in the 3rd & final week of my first online course, DOING the work in another course that I am a participant in, creating another course (that I’m SUPER geeked about!)---all that , in addition to my daily life: work, chores, teaching.

So as I was completing the second module of the course I’m in, I noticed some nasty limiting beliefs popping up--so quietly at first that I almost missed them. Then, as I finished up the material for my own course, the old, familiar doubts came back strong---Who are you to be doing this? Who would pay for that? This is too risky. and on & on.

Thankfully, I was in a place where I could do a quick about-face---I was able to recognize the fear thoughts for what they were (I’m growing & busting through my comfort zone) and give myself a much needed reality check ( I have sh*t to say and people to help; I have a gift to share with the world; staying small is NOT an option)

So what’s a girl to do when those nasty limiting beliefs pop up and shake your foundation?

Here are a few ideas:

  • journal it out--list every limiting belief you can think of & bust them all (this may take a minute---be patient....& thorough)
  • center yourself--your mind may be spinning out of control, so you need to remind it who wears the pants in this relationship....who’s the boss? YOU!
  • breathe
  • meditate
  • affirm who you are & why you’re here
  • remind yourself of the Badass you are!

When all else fails....try this visual: the dark, heavy storm clouds are blocking what you want (sunny skies)....let the rain come, let it wash away all the gunk, let it all go....sunny skies are waiting just on the other side for you!