Mindset Makeover - aka get those mean girls outta your head

Mindset is everything.

Tattoo that on your brain!

YOU get to choose your thoughts

YOU can change your beliefs at any moment

A belief, as Abraham-Hicks says, is simply a thought you keep thinking...

SO....if your thoughts, your beliefs, the things you tell yourself, about yourself don’t light you the EFF UP, you can choose another one.

I have lots of life experience in this area, and even still, I can still get triggered.....like “that” (*snap*).

I had a situation at work today....one that I wasn’t prepared for and it was like getting sucker punched in the gut.

My feelings were shattered.

Here’s the short version:

I was helping a group of friends, in town for a “girls weekend”.

They were a bit challenging, but we were making progress.

One of the girls ended up treating herself to a few items & they left to go on with their day.

Shortly after they left, I learned that they had said something unkind about my appearance.

Now, my self esteem is pretty solid, but this catty comment cut me to my core.

It triggered some self worth stuff and made me feel terrible about myself.

I am GRATEFUL for the opportunity to practice what I teach.

A few things:

  • my self worth is not dependent on others opinions of me
  • the choice to buy into someone else’s opinion of me is UP TO ME
  • even when it echoes some of my own “stuff”, I can CHOOSE a different, better feeling thought
  • I can CHOOSE to belief something else
  • I got the chance to hear how RIDICULOUS the mean sh*t I say to myself sounds

SO....here are a few things I’m doing:

  • journaling like a banshee ( affirmations are magic!)
  • checking in with my tribe of #badass women friends---ya know, that group of girls who just “get you?”
  • telling the truth, not stuffing my feelings & pretending that I’m OK....it hurt...a lot
  • I WILL get over it, sometimes a girl just needs to remind herself of how powerful she is
  • sage-ing the EFF outta myself when I get home, so I can clear that nasty energy/cut the cords of that toxic crap
  • crystals.....rose quartz
  • doing a grounding/release meditation to rid myself of the toxic sludge that this stirred up inside my head

So that’s it.

Just a gentle reminder:

  • be kind to each other
  • be respectful
  • don’t be a “mean girl”