What Does Freedom Mean to You?

Happy Memorial Day!

As we ease into summer, I am reflecting on what freedom means in my life.
This has been a year of change, transformation, & growth....and it's just beginning! I have no clear picture of what the end result looks like, (not that there is a final destination, lol), but I KNOW it looks VERY different than what my life looks like now. I'm nervous, excited, and a little fearful of the unknown, truth be told. BUT, I am proud of myself for continuing to move forward, despite my fear & uncertainty. That is courage after all, isn't it? Moving through fear? But I digress....lol

So, what does freedom mean to me?

At this point on my journey, freedom means choice. MY choice to live my life in a way that aligns with my heart. I believe, to the depths of my soul, that I (and each one of us) were born with a unique gift and it is our DUTY to share it with the world. I am rediscovering mine.....it's a process that requires faith, patience, and a deep connection to my intuition. I believe that we are born with a deep connection to that part of us that knows the answer, but, over time, we're trained to fit in, follow the crowd, do what we're "supposed to". The connection gets buried under years of conditioning, but it's never lost. The trick is remembering that it's there, in the deepest recesses of our souls, and doing the work to re-member why we're REALLY here.

I know this may not resonate with everyone, and I'm OK with that. The people who need to hear this, will. The people who this DOES speak to, will find the words, and they will feel like a song they once heard but can't quite remember the words to. It will feel familiar. Those are my people.

So....freedom of choice. What does THAT look like?

It means stepping out from behind the mask of complacency and risking REALLY being seen. It means speaking MY truth, even if no one is there to hear it. It means following my heart & living from a place of authenticity. It means stepping out on faith, even though I can't see the next step. It means KNOWING in my heart, that I will be taken care of. It means living in alignment. It means doing something different than I've always done. It means standing up people in my life from whom I crave approval. It means letting some people go. It means inviting some new people in. It means not playing it safe, in the conventional sense of the word because, after all...if I'm living someone else's definition of MY life, what's the fuckin' point? It means trusting that I have all the answers I need in my heart & soul & trusting THAT.

So, as I continue to walk this path of self discovery, I will continue to share my journey with you.
It's not always easy....FOR REAL....but it's getting me closer to my truth, and from THERE I can live an inspired life of service. I'm here for you, even when I show up imperfectly, which is usually the case! ;-)

I love you xo