Limitless Recovery

For some, all the answers are in “the Book”.

That worked for me for many, many years, until I realized my soul was begging for more.

In early sobriety, I felt safe within the structure of my recovery community: meetings, a social life almost exclusively within my sober community, including friendships & romantic relationships. 

Work life & family life were pretty much the only areas that didn’t have a direct connection to my sober world.

For over a decade, my sober family supported me through devastating loss, death, typical sober “growing pains”, falling in love, going back to school, getting my degree, getting certified to teach yoga, travel-----you name it. My world expanded exponentially.....I was thriving in sobriety.


Then....that feeling of safety came crashing down and I was devastated. I was shaken to my very foundation. Thankfully, my sobriety was not in jeopardy, but I felt like an outsider within the sober community that had been my safe place for so, so long. I had to rebuild a new community and version of my life in recovery that was personal to me. 


I redesigned my recovery to include all the tools that had sustained me, a practical & personal form of spirituality that supported me and the growth I was experiencing, as well as a fusion of a physical/spiritual practice that was broader in scope than what I had discovered in conventional recovery. I explored anything that called to my heart---yoga, meditation, akashic records, energy healing, and more. I kept what resonated & released what didn’t.

I stayed open, not limiting myself to doing what was “suggested”, but rather began to develop a relationship with my inner guidance, intuition, and connection to the Divine Feminine.


I came home.


It was, and continues to be, a work-in-progress: I definitely DON’T do it perfectly all the time, and I’m still getting to know that part of myself. I’d like to share that with you...


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