Julie W.
Chicago, IL

"When I take one of Maria's yoga classes, I feel so relaxed and spiritually fulfilled at the end. 
She has this way about her to calm me down after a stressful day and bring me to a much happier and Zen-like place. 
I truly enjoy taking her classes and continue to do so from this day forward."

Jo Marie B.
Chicago, IL

" Maria is an amazing yoga instructor. After taking a break from yoga due to injuries, I missed my regular yoga practice.
Maria is very caring and made some great suggestions due to my new outlook. She made me feel at ease and encouraged to do what felt comfortable. As a result of taking several of her classes, I'm now hooked again. Looking forward to my next one!

Catherine C.
Bali, Indonesia

"Maria is a mindful, compassionate teacher. She has a wonderful ability to adapt sequences to the needs of her students.
She is consistent with her own practice and training from various teachers and experiences, which informs her evolution.
When in Maria's class, you are assured a safe, supportive space to explore and grow."